Noxious Weed List

Each year, the State Noxious Weed Control Board adopts, by rule (WAC 16-750), the State Noxious Weed List. This list determines which plants will be considered noxious weeds and where control will be required in Washington State. This approach allows control activities of land owners - both public and private - to be prioritized towards the protection and enhancement of Washington's agriculture and natural areas in the most cost-effective manner.

Once the State Noxious Weed list is adopted, county and district weeds lists are created from the updated State Noxious Weed List. County weed lists include all State Class A weeds and Class B weeds designated by the state for control their area according to WAC 16-750. Counties and districts can then select additional Class B weeds and Class C weeds that they will require control of in their area.

Noxious Weeds that are Abundant in Counties and Districts

Management information may also be provided for other Class B and Class C weeds that are not selected for control on a county or district noxious weed list. Some noxious weeds are too abundant to require control, but counties and districts still recommend landowners control these weeds and provide information and advice on the best control methods to use.

There are three classes of noxious weeds on the state noxious weed list.

Class A: Non-native species that are limited in distribution in Washington. State law requires that these weeds be eradicated. Click here to see Washington State's Class A noxious weeds.

Class B: Non-native species that are either absent from or limited in distribution in some portions of the state but very abundant in other areas. The goals are to contain the plants where they are already widespread and prevent their spread into new areas. Click here to see Washington State's Class B noxious weeds.

Class C: Non-native plants that are already widespread in Washington State. Counties can choose to enforce control, or they can educate residents about controlling these noxious weeds. Click here to see Washington State's Class C noxious weeds.

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