Garden Wise Eastern

While most exotic plants are not problematic, a few have become invasive in Washington State. When these plants spread to wild areas, they cause serious problems. For example invasive knotweeds, butterfly bush, and yellow flag iris are changing our streamsides and riverbanks; spurge laurel and Atlantic ivy are altering our forests.

This website represents the collaboration of nonprofit conservation groups, state and country government, and the
nursery industry. We believe that preventing introduction is the most efficient way to reduce the spread and impact of invasive species. Whether you are looking for new and exciting plants to add to your garden, or you are looking to replace invasive plants in your yard, we hope this book will be a valuable resource. Working together, we can ensure that future generations enjoy pristine wild areas in Washington State.

Below, you can browse non-invasive alternatives sorted by plant type. You can also learn more from your local nursery, WSU Master Gardeners, and at

Alternatively, you can download the entire Garden Wise Eastern WA booklet in pdf form here

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