Silverlace Vine

Polygonum aubertii

Silverlace Vine

Family: Polygonaceae 

Other Common Names: Russian vine, Bukhara fleeceflower, Chinese fleecevine, mile-a-minute and silver lace vine
Weed class: monitor list
Native to: Asia

Why Is It a Noxious Weed?

This plant is on the monitor list - it is not a listed noxious weed in Washington. Please contact the King County Noxious Weed Control Board to report locations or for more information.

How would I identify it?

General Description

Silver lace vine is a deciduous vine with alternate, simple leaves. Stems can grow over 25 feet long.

Flower Description

Flowers are small, greenish-white to pink and arranged in panicles.

Fruit Seed Description

Fruits are small achenes, around 2mm in size, shiny and black.

Additional Photos